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 BullSF hack cheat rules

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PostSubject: BullSF hack cheat rules   Tue Sep 06, 2016 9:38 pm

BullSF Code :

Player(Player Base):
0x7FA0 GameMode
0xFC78 isHost
Enity List(GameBase + Index):
0x1E50E8 Name

0x1E51F0 Health

0x1E527C Movable X
0x1E5280 Movable Y
0x1E5284 Movable Z

0x1E52C8 OPK X
0x1E52CC OPK Y
0x1E52D0 OPK Z

0x1E5439 Animation Check

0x1E55F4 Move Cam X
0x1E55F8 Move Cam X
Weapon Class:
0x1C3F8 Bob Amount
0x1C3FC Bob Speed
0x1C400 Bob Amount

0x1C42C Spread
0x1C430 X Spread pos

0x1C44C X Spread
0x1C450 Walk Spread

0x1C468 Shake X
0x1C46C Shake Y

0x1C470 X Total
0x1C474 Y Total
Player Class(GameBase):

0x1C Walk speed
0x20 Walk backward speed
0x24 Shift Speed
0x28 Shift backward
0x34 Crouch speed
0x3C Crouch Walk Back

0x7C Auto switch to knife
0x88 Crosshair
0xBC Respawn
0x110 Force Jump
0x114 Jump Walk Speed
0x118 K-Jump Speed
0x124-0x130 Drift Speed
0x134 Animation
0x138 isFiring
0x13C isJumping
0x148 isCrouch
0x14C isCrouch
0x154 Jump Check
0x15C Jump Check
0x160 SuperJump
0x164 K-Jump Speed
0x19C walking

0x740 CamX
0x740 CamY

0x536E8 GodMode Menu Bug
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BullSF hack cheat rules
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